black lives matter

i recently found out my great great great grandfather was in the KKK. (he also got into a duel in a post office and shot someone.) Yes, 3 greats, my great-grandma’s grandfather. I knew my great-grandma. I knew her well, she lived to be either 107 or 108, I forget. We’d visit her and the rest of our family in Indiana every summer, growing up. So, my great-grandma Velma’s grandpa was in the KKK in their small town in Indiana. Now there weren’t too many black people in the middle of nowhere in Indiana in the late 1800’s, so instead great great great grandpa kluxter just terrorized Catholics in town. It is my understanding that he was NOT thrilled when my great grandma Velma married a Catholic.

That is all to say, my great great great grandpa, over 100 years ago, could’ve been responsible for terrorizing or hurting any black people who happened to breeze through Morristown, Indiana. When I first found out, I sort of wanted to give reparations somehow. I wish there was a way to give back money, like some government system, where white people with ancestral ties to slave owners or the KKK or whatever could pitch into a fund that went to the descendants of slaves. Like, into programs that benefited poor black areas, or even like straight up redistributing the wealth where slave descendants get a monthly check in the mail of like a few hundred dollars. (I am also very interested in the concept of universal basic income sksksks I love kurzgesagt)

ANYWAY since that will never happen because America is racist, just continue going 2 protests and I personally am very interested in just directly supporting black businesses myself!!! Local black owned businesses, especially in the time of covid-19, really need support since many of them may face discrimination and be denied relief funds from local government. One such establishment is an adorable black owned cafe across the street from me that I would absolutely hate to see closed down. This is their gofundme:

I just moved in less than 2 months ago and I always thought that place was cute, but I didn’t know it was black owned until I read this swaggy article from billpenn:

It’s a map of black owned businesses and restaurants in Philadelphia!!! So helpful!! Anyway, I don’t have much money to spend, but I’m super excited about having resources like this in order to patronize black businesses more if I want to buy something. Another great place to support black businesses is ETSY SHOPS! That’s like the most direct money to black artisans and craftsmen and stuff that you can possibly get. I want candles because candles are awesome, so you can just go on etsy and literally type in “black owned candle shops” and it’ll send you where you’re looking to go. Idk why u would want 2 know about where to buy candles, because i like candles, i mean if you like candles thats lit, but here’s 2 shops i like just in case u want 2 kno sksksks

omg but if u want the REAL scoop on all black owned etsy pages, from candles to fashion, here is a link to a weird mommy blog that has compiled a list

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ╰(◡‿◡✿╰)


sksksksk anyway also I finally got 2 meet with an academic advisor at Temple and start registering for classes omg im so excitedddd. Also I’m getting a Bachelor’s of Science in environmental science (hopefully lol) instead of a Bachelor’s of Arts, which I perhaps I am more familiar with since I dropped out of art skool sksks and doing all these chemistry and physics and math and CALCULUS LATER and biology are gonna be really hard, and I’m going to be a full time student. Will I have time to work AND do school AND work on my graphic novel?? we’ll find out sknsdkjns also I’m on page 310 of my GN 😀 I feel like I’m around of a third of the way through tbh.


avatar is a really good show also i did this in like 10 minutes in ms paint   ̿̿’̿’\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪●)=/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿ ̿

EDIT: i just found this black owned candle shop that’s brand new and i dont think it’s on the list. they only has 1 sale so far (i bought 2 candles tho 😀 hehehe) but they have really cute beeswax candles!!! –> –> –>

also me and my friend jaron really like this witchy shop and i got a shitload of spell candles so i can like have magic spells and shit

candle time

im gonna b so peaceful and successful im not gonna know what to DO WITH MYSELF UHNHUNUNN

jaron prefers oils and gemstones but i’ve been into witchy stuff for exaclty 12 hours now and i still only prefer candles. i just like candles ok

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